Detalle del proyecto

Project detail

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Peace, Prevention and Resolution.
Prevention and treatment of diseases.
Water and Sanitation
Support for the Environment
Maternal and child health
Basic Education and Literacy
Economic development of the community.

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For example, 50 children, 20 families, 200 older adults. (Maximum 600 characters)
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Local Primary Sponsor


The project budget

Proposed financing TOTAL VALUE USD 30000.00

Project contributions Date Contribution type Amount TRF Contribution Total
Club Lages alvorada Distrito 4740 2023-08-23 USD cash 15000.00 15000
Distrito 4740 2023-08-23 DDF 15000.00 12000.00 27000
Total amount collected 42000
Total value of the project (USD) 30000.00
Missing funding -12000


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