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Proyectos Feria de Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia

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Number GG number Project's name Country City or Town District Rotary Club Do you have an international sponsor? Total value of the project (USD) Missing funding Area of ​​interest
209525HEARING DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT FOR CHILDREN4921Bahia Blanca SudNO35000.0035000Prevention and treatment of diseases.
FPSC01Supply of drinking water and sanitation for poor communities.4845Rotary Club VillarricaNO42000.0034200Recursos Hídricos y Saneamiento
2097493Solar Energy - Sustainability for the Elderly4740Rotary Club de XanxerêNO42000.006000Economic development of the community.
2088589Building Pro Peace Leaders in Bolivia4690ROTARY CLUB LA PAZ SAN JORGENO49880.0039880Peace, Prevention and Resolution.
2095631DRINKING WATER COMMUNITY LA RAYA-PAMPAGRANDE4690Santa Cruz de la SierraNO84500.0063000Recursos Hídricos y Saneamiento
2098954Provision of X-ray equipment Samaipata Community4690SAMAIPATANO73300.0058300Prevention and treatment of diseases.
2099472SAVING LIVES4905ROTARY CLUB MANUEL B. GONNETNO50000.0029000Maternal and child health
20100220Physiotherapy center: a rehabilitation is possible4690Rotary TarijaNO44250.000Prevention and treatment of diseases.
2099491Prevention of Perinatal Asphyxia4905Caseros NorteNO32000.000Maternal and child health
2094865ICU Equipment for an Ambulance4921Sierras BayasNO30150.0028650Prevention and treatment of diseases.
2098958Strengthening fetal diagnosis and treatment capacity4975Rotary Club PASO del MOLINONO109000.0076000Maternal and child health
2099532Computerization of the Necochea Health System4921NecocheaNO50500.000Prevention and treatment of diseases.
2099538Oxygen Plant4921RauchNO120000.0060000Prevention and treatment of diseases.
20100485Surgical view4590Rotary Club de VinhedoNO71428.0046928Prevention and treatment of diseases.
2099536Telemedicine equipment for the headquarters of the Bragado District, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina4905Rotary Club de BragadoNO37037.00-0.5Prevention and treatment of diseases.
FPSC04Special wheelchairs for children with permanent disabilities4590Campinas SulNO34000.0022500Prevention and treatment of diseases.
1981303Water harvesting in Educational Units4690Cochabamba ConcordiaNO32000.007500Recursos Hídricos y Saneamiento
20100771Central Venous Reservoir Bank, for children under fifteen years of age4690Rotary Club Chuquiago MarkaNO50000.0028500Prevention and treatment of diseases.
1990253WORK TO NOT EMIGRATE4690LA PAZ - SAN JORGENO176053.00171553Economic development of the community.
2099541A Responsibility for Everyone4921Bariloche Nuevas GeneracionesNO30150.0019650Economic development of the community.
2096953Equipment and Adaptation of the Operating Room of the Tres Arroyos Hospital4921Tres ArroyosNO85000.0047500Prevention and treatment of diseases.
2099588Generating Opportunities to Smile4921Mar de Mar del PlataNO33000.0031200Prevention and treatment of diseases.
2099611Human Milk Bank4420Rotary club PeruibeNO50300.000Maternal and child health
209395EXPANSION OF THE NEONATAL ICU AT HOSPITAL GRAJAÚ4420Rotary SPNO36800.000Maternal and child health
2099613Ultrasound machine for Tornquist Hospital4921Bahía Blanca NorteNO32150.000Prevention and treatment of diseases.
2099572Ultrasound machine for the Punta Alta Hospital4921Punta AltaNO32000.0014000Prevention and treatment of diseases.
2099402Verde Vida de Chapecó Photovoltaic Energy Generation System4740Rotary Clube de Chapecó OesteNO52500.000Economic development of the community.
2095618Bronchofibroscope for the Pedro Elizalde Hospital4895CaballitoNO46000.000Maternal and child health
2092801SAYING NO TO DISABILITY4510ROTARY CLUB DE PIRAPOZINHONO32851.005201Basic Education and Literacy
1990778Equipment for offices of the Maternal and Child Hospital Santísima Trinidad4845Trinidad AsunciónNO30000.000Prevention and treatment of diseases.
2099951Stroke: provision of equipment to establish a stroke care room4845Rotary Club de CorrientesNO32750.000Prevention and treatment of diseases.
2098039Perinatal training center - Santa Rosa Maternity4895CarapachayNO45000.0032350Maternal and child health
2097581TRANSFORMING LIVES4510ROTARY CLUB DE GARÇANO30700.009200Maternal and child health
20100662Equipment Project for the Hospital Emergency Service4690Rotary Club de La PazNO33000.008000Prevention and treatment of diseases.
FPSC09gift of life4690Rotary Club La Paz SurNO47300.0036800Maternal and child health
1981803DREAMS OF FREEDOM- FREEDOM DREAMS4690GrigotaNO52700.0019700Peace, Prevention and Resolution.
1870166Health in Rio Verde4770Rotary Club de Rio VerdeNO55000.00-0.5Prevention and treatment of diseases.
1991550Acquisition of equipment for Neonatal Intensive Care Units, Maternity.4770ROTARY CLUB DE UBERABANO30000.00-0.5Prevention and treatment of diseases.
2099226FRIENDS OF SANTA CASA4770ROTARY CLUB DE COROMANDELNO40000.00-0.5Prevention and treatment of diseases.
2099287Project VER4770ROTARY CLUB DE JATAÍNO71358.0071358Prevention and treatment of diseases.
2099785Healthy Water for Chiquitana Indigenous communities4690Roboré Santiago de ChiquitosNO86000.0065750Recursos Hídricos y Saneamiento
FPSC10Equipment Carlos Durand Hospital4895La Veleta de CaballitoNO40000.0029000Maternal and child health
2093259Ultrasound machine for the Pedro Elizalde Children's Hospital4895Cid CampeadorNO38000.0023000Maternal and child health
2099851Drinking Water Supply For Comarapa4690EquipetrolNO49800.0044300Recursos Hídricos y Saneamiento
2096067Safe Water Laboratory for a better world4895EscobarNO33000.0024500Basic Education and Literacy
2093842Equipment for the Ophthalmology Service of the Pirovano Hospital4895BelgranoNO35000.007775Prevention and treatment of diseases.
2094137Helping Tornú Hospital4895Villa UrquizaNO35000.000Prevention and treatment of diseases.
1877243Helping the Emilio Zerboni Municipal Hospital4895San Antonio de ArecoNO36000.000Prevention and treatment of diseases.
2099875ICU beds4921BalcarceNO48000.0024000Prevention and treatment of diseases.
1991261Training Center - Cetrángolo Hospital4895OlivosNO38000.0029200Prevention and treatment of diseases.
2097424Fight against Chagas disease4895Buenos AiresNO41000.0022500Prevention and treatment of diseases.
FPSC11Water and Sanitation in Poor Rural Schools4845Gral. Jose de San MartinNO40280.0032280Recursos Hídricos y Saneamiento